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Srijan 2017 is an initiative to nurture the creative and leadership skills in our kids along with academics. The scholars campus came alive on 28.01.2017 with the high spirited performances by students of various academies, which they pursue .The event was managed and planned by Leadership Academy and supported by Broadcast and Shramdan Academy.

The performances of Aerobics, Yoga, Instrumental music, Robotics, Gadgetries , Eco Club, Cooking without fire and Chess enthralled the audience. Parents were highly impressed by the confident and talented students efforts and congratulated the faculty.


    Know a Poet/Author
    Grade - IV and V   ...News & Updates

    It was quite an engaging and interesting session for our students of grade IV and V as they were made acquainted with couple of famous poets and authors. The biography of Rudyard Kipling, J.K.Rowling, Robert Frost and Heinrich Hoffman were shared through a power point presentation.

    After this the students had to choose one author or poet and write down the biography of that person.


      Fun with words
      Grade- ii-iii   ...News & Updates

      The activity ‘Fun with words’ was conducted on 27th Jan for our young scholars of grade II and III.

      They were divided into two groups in their respective classes and had to answer question based on

      Ø  Word wall (spelling, meaning, sentences to be framed)

      Ø  Making word from a letter

      Ø  Word train

      The students thoroughly enjoyed it and also had to attempt a worksheet based on it.


        Inter-Club Patriotic Group Song Competition
        Grade - 6 to 8   ...News & Updates

        Music binds soul, hearts and emotions and is the best method of relaxation. Considering all these an Inter club patriotic group song competition was held on 20th Jan from classes VI-VIII in school auditorium. All the participants participated with utmost gusto and spirit on nationalism. The budding singers sang beautiful compositions with great feeling and showed their mastery over voice modulation, sur, rhythm and other important aspects of singing. The esteemed judges Mr. Mukesh Sharma and Mr. Sushil Sharma appreciated the efforts of school in keeping the spirit of solidarity and love for country alive through such activities so as to bring the best in music and performing arts.

        The winners were:-

        1st position - Victors Club

        2nd Position - Leaders Club

        3rd Position – Achievers Club


          English Hand writing Competition
          Grade-ii &iii   ...News & Updates

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