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RockSport Camp
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Adventurous camp is a great solution to a kids learning needs. Within a short span of 6-8 hours, the adventure needs of students were met, just like popping an energy. The students from III-VIII had joined this camp.

They enjoyed Balance Beam, Commando Crawl, Commando Net, Tug of War, Ring Wing, Rope Walk, Gorilla Cave, Zorbing Ball, Zip Line and Burma Bridge.

Feeling of teamwork and co-operation was boosted and children discovered their hidden capabilities as well.

These activities helped them to rejuvenate and refresh the upcoming exams.


    Space Camp
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    On 9th Feb 2017 Space Technology organized camp for the students from classes I to V. Through this camp the students came to learn about our Universe and watched the planets along with our natural satellite moon through the telescope. The presentation and the activities organized by the educators from the space were enriching and experiential. Along with this at night the students as well as the parents had the opportunity to watch the planets Venus and Mars and other celestial bodies along with moon. Parents fraternity thanked school for organizing such activities.


      Hindi Sulekh Competition
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      Our young students of Grade II and III got an oppotunity to showcasw their beautiful handwriting in hindi on 3rd Feb. The students were given a short paragraph to write in hindi and they were judged on the basis of the formation, neatness and overall presentation. It was a difficult decision to decide on the winners as many of them have a good hand. The final winners were a sfollows:

                                                 Grade 2                  Grade 3
      1st position                      Vishaav                   Arman
      2nd position                     Lavica                     Nancy
      3rd position                      Yajat                       Kezal
      Consulation prize            Priyadarshini         Niharika
                                                 Luv                           Mayank
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