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Time- Management Workshop
Grade- IX-XI   ...News & Updates

“If you love life, don’t  waste time, for time is what life is made up of”. Believing in above quote and to make students abreast of the key points to get the most out of their day, a workshop was organized for the students of IX –XI. The resource person for the same was  Ms. Neha Bhardwaj who engaged children in the activities signifying the role of effective use of time in one’s success. Cross-questioning was also done to evoke the students curiosity. She emphasized the fact that the students must discover the ways to balance their time for school family, friends and fun. This workshop would definitely assist the students to increase productivity, reduce stress & improve their result .


    Grade- VI-VIII   ...News & Updates

    One has rightly said, “for effective extempore speaking candidates must be fluent , crudité and articulate”. SGS plans various activities to cater all round development of their students. Students often reveal what they had long hidden, they would be otherwise reluctant to divulge. With the same objective an Inter-house extempore competition was organized on 30th Dec’2016 from VI-VIII classes in school auditorium.

    The winners are :-

    1st – Nikita – Champions

    2nd – Gourav – Victors

    3rd -  Anisha – (Victors) &  Rakshit (Leaders)


      Reflection 2016
      Grade IV & V   ...News & Updates

      It was a run through of the important events of the last year .It included sports, politics ,education and entertainment .It was a good recap in which students also participated and gave in their inputs .The students also wrote down their own  achievements of 2016, one learning experience and the resolution for the next year 2017.


        Calligraphy Workshop
        Grade II&III   ...News & Updates

        The students of Grade II & III had a workshop on calligraphy wherein the teachers showed them the formation of each alphabet on the screen and also shared the important points to be kept in mind while writing beautifully. After this the students wrote one page with current formation of alphabets and one sentence to put their understanding into action.


          Christmas Craft
          Grade IV & V   ...News & Updates

          Grade iv & v  students were totally  engrossed this  Friday i.e on 23rd Dec’2016, when they made the Christmas  Stocking and decorated it. It was truly a sight to watch them working together as one. They took the stockings home to decorate their home with it and also with a hope that it would be filled with gifts from Santa.


            Bible Stories
            Grade II & III   ...News & Updates

            With Christmas round the corner ,it was a good opportunity for the teachers to share a couple of stories from the bible on 23rd Dec’2016.The student were quite engaged and interested throughout the session. After listening to the stories they also wrote down  ‘ One thing that they would like to do’ for anyone  anyone this Christmas season to make it special for them.


              Year Round Up
              Grade -VI-VIII   ...News & Updates

              To make children aware about the  happenings of year 2016. ‘Year Round Up’ activity was conducted wherein all the teachers from classes VI-VIII enlightened about the major events of 2016.With the help of power point  presentation. The aim was to create awareness  about the happenings  in the world and nurture interest in world affairs. TODAY’s CURRENT AFFAIR IS TOMORROW’S G.K.


                Inter Club Social Science Quiz
                Grade -IX-XI   ...News & Updates

                An Inter Club Social Science Quiz which is a mind sport was organized to make children look beyond their textual  knowledge  & establish a relationship between theory and application of the learnt concept. There were six  rounds based on the concepts we Quit India Movement, Revolt of 1857,Formation of INC, History of Mughal Emperor ,current affair & river history .Four teams from all clubs comprising of four students participated in it. The children confidently attempted the questions posed to them correctly. Students enjoyed the Quiz a lot and it proved to be a good way to measure growth in knowledge ,abilities and skills of the students .Achievers club grabbed first position, Leaders stood second and Victors stood third in the Quiz.


                  Carol Singing Competition
                  Grade - IV & V   ...News & Updates

                  Students of Grade IV & V had an Interclub Carol Singing Competition.It set the mood for the Christmas celebration.All the four clubs gave in their best using props and students dressed up like Santa distributing candies.The participants as well as the audience made it into a complete festive mood.The winners of this competition were:-

                  Ist Position   - Victors

                  2nd Position - Champions

                  3rd Position - Achievers


                    Inter Club English Elocution Competition
                    Grade IX-XI   ...News & Updates

                    Scholars Global School firmly believes that Education and completions are the two most important ways of promoting culture among students. In lieu of same, an Inter club English Elocution Competition was organised for the students of classes IX-XI. The topics of the competition were:-

                    1.      Right to Information

                    2.      Domestic Violence

                    3.      Drug de-addiction

                    4.      Human rights

                    5.      Four participants from each club participated in competition . Ms. Monika and Ms. Sarita Bhardwaj adjudged the performance of the speakers.

                    The winners of the competition were:-

                    1. Jasmine -1st Position

                    2. Vidhi      - 2nd position

                    3. Anjali, Priyanka & Shivam – 3rd position


                      Picture Composition
                      Grade II & III   ...News & Updates

                      Students of Grade ii & iii were showed a picture on the smart board and the teacher taking inputs from students made up a paragraph describing the scene vividly. Then the students were given a worksheet wherein they had to describe the scene imaginatively using different adjectives too. It was an enjoyable and creative experience for them


                        Christmas Craft
                        Grade- VI & VIII   ...News & Updates

                        Christmas is coming very near and Christmas is the great joyous occasion of the annual celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. To sprinkle the sprit –Christmas craft activity was conducted from class VI-VIII on this Friday i.e 9th Dec. Beautiful best out of waste craft work was done by the students using empty pet bottles. They made Christmas bells with full zest and enthusiasm.

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