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With the key objective of bringing out the hidden talents of students with a focus on creating more awareness of science, students of classes VIII & IX displayed various working models on Vaccum Cleaner, Magic box, Motor Boat, Water Dispensar,Crane,Fire snake, Washing Machine, Roboride, Car Volcano, electricity conductivity tester etc. Students spread Magic of Science and by applying their learnings. 

    Newspaper is a powerful tool which enhances confidence and personality of the person. Newspaper are of great importance for the students especially as it gives them lots of general knowledge and current affairs. To give prominence to newspaper reading a Newspaper Reading Activity was conducted for classes VI-VII on 25th Oct’19 in their respective classes. Different activities related to newspaper were planned where in the students found out various parts of speech in a newspaper article, located the countries which came in newspaper in the maps given, and gave some information of that country. Overall, the activity opened a vast area for students to explore the newspaper.

      To honour our national language and mother tongue Hindi, Scholars Global School organized’ Hindi Sulekh Pratiyogita” for class 3 on 25th October 2019. It was conducted to improve the handwriting and presentation skills of students. The idea behind hosting such a competition was to inculcate the habit of good handwriting among the students and make them understand the importance of presenting the content in a beautiful manner. The preliminary round  for the competition was conducted with an absolute participation of students and then 2 students from each club were selected for the find round. The participants  tried to give their best in writing creatively and displayed good work in sheets. 

        “The theme of green world’ is spreading all over the world and its over responsibility as well to maintain and uphold a better and safe society for ourselves.” To encourage the Scholarites to opt for a green Diwali a workshop on “Celebrate Eco- friendly Diwali” was conducted on October 18,2008 for class IV and V in KP room. Main motive of wokshop is to encourage students to use biodegradable things during festivals rather than using non-biodegradable things. PPT has been shown to students on the topic. Instead of using non decomposable materials  such as paper, wood for decorations and soil for making idols. Students were inspired to celebrate festivals in ecofriendly way after seeing samples shown in the workshop.

          SGS strives to inculcate in young learners passion and love towards the country’s opulent heritage. In sync with this initiative, a Heritage Quiz was conducted by Ms. Madhulika from Social Science Department  for the classes VI-VII. The inter- club Heritage Quiz competition was held on 18th October in the Lecture Theater during the Friday Activity period. The Heritage Quiz consisted of several rounds which included a Warm-Up rounds, Visual- Round, Double-  Trouble, Rapid Fire etc. The range and diversity of questions tested the student’s knowledge of India’s heritage. The results were as follows-

          1st Leaders

          2nd Champions

          3rd Victors

            Maths Quiz was conducted as Friday Activity for classes VIII & IX to check the knowledge of mathematics in day to day life. Students were divided into groups according to the club and seven rounds were conducted which included equations, formulas, reasoning, mental ability etc. Students participated enthusiastically and audience enjoyed the learning

              We at Scholars, strongly believe that standardized spellings enable students to understand writing, aid communication and ensure clarity. Keeping this thought in mind, an interclub spell bee comp was conducted for class 3 as a part of Friday Activity. The students participated with great enthusiasm and dueled through the toughest word. The competition helped the students gain competency over vocabulary and made them aware of spellings and the usage of unfamiliar words. Overall, it was a wonderful learning experience, to enrich the vocabulary bank of the students.

                To engage and enlighten the students, an Inter Club General knowledge Quiz Competition was organized for class 3 on Friday,  Oct 4,2019. The preliminary round was conducted where in the selected students qualified for the Final Round. The rules of the competition were announced and the quiz was conducted in an interactive way and the teams participated with great enthusiasm. The questions put forth to the teams were intriguing, exciting and made the audience clap when the teams answered correctly. The audience also got a chance to participate every time the teams answered correctly. The quiz comprised of various interesting as well as challenging rounds. The participants as well as the audience thoroughly enjoyed these rounds that tested how proficient they were with the outer world. The quiz was a great success and children enjoyed a lot. The evolving curious minds that emerged as winners were students of team “Champions”. Everyone clapped and cheered for the ecstatic winning team.

                  The method of drilling, that is storing new information in memory, may be used for the fixation of any grammar and thematic vocabulary. Thus, Dictionary Drill Activity was conducted for classes. A worksheet was attempted by the students, consisting of a variety of questions which had vocabulary questions. The students had to search up the dictionary for finding the answers. Strong dictionary skills could help students to learn the meanings of unfamiliar words. Students also learnt how to use the dictionary effectively. 

                    Outdoor spaces provide wonderful opportunities to explore how numbers, shapes and concepts create both the built and natural worlds. So, we developed a “Concept Race” for classes 4 and 5 on Friday, Oct 4,2019. A fun math race reinforces math facts in a very visual way. It was carefully designed to promote fluency, reasoning and problem solving while having fun outdoors. Also, the objective of this race was to reinforce math facts knowledge and understanding, contributing to a team effort and carefully observe the actions of all team members. All the children who had qualified the preliminary round were arranged according to the four clubs. The team members had to solve the provided math problem and then move on to the next level. The winner of the “Concept Race” was “ Team Leaders”. The day creatively engaged, motivated and crucially challenged the children to practice their skills with numbers in exciting and interactive ways.


                      To inspire students to be a deep thinker and to nurture rational thinking and improving Public Speaking Debate Competition was organized for classes VIII & IX on the topic “ Do Social Media Improve or Impede the communication”. It was a club wise activity in which students spoke in favor against & also asked questions. Students presented their views well and bound the audience to think on the impact of social media in our life. The Result of the competition is as follow-

                      1st  Position- Akshita 9 B Achievers

                      2nd Position- Suhani 9 B Champions

                      3rd Position- Sarthak 9 A Achievers

                      Best Interpreter

                      Tejasvi 8 B  Champions 

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