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Scholars continuously strive to work towards the overall fitness of children. Thus the school holds a variety of outdoor activities and competitions especially in sports. An inter-club basketball competition was held on 27.12.2019 in the basketball court after several rounds of matches, the winner emerged. The students performed their level best and had the competitive spirit. These types of matches and competitions promote the sportsmanship spirit and the value of discipline among the students. With the weather in place, it was a fun time at the venue, where the students enjoyed their activity time.

    Tennis is a perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquility. “Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark.” In order to explore the fire in their bellies, an inter club lawn tennis competition was organized in the school tennis court on 27.12.2019. The non-participants of class IV and V contributed as an audience and cheered for the participants. Scholars Global School organized this type of matches and competitions to promote the sportsmanship spirit. With the weather in place, it was a fun time at the venue, where the students enjoyed their activity time.

      Career awareness and guidance plays a very important role in the lives of all individuals as it helps in setting goals and to choose a career according to their strengths and aptitude. For making the students aware of various careers as to help them reflect at their capabilities a career awareness workshop was held on 27th Dec’19 for classes VI-VII in the Lecture Theatre. This interactive and informative workshop was conducted by our esteemed Principal Ma’am, Mrs Poonam Saxena. The workshop highlighted the different aspects of career, job and profession. Each job requires certain skills which one should be proficient at. Skill development was stressed upon. Also, the students were told to introspect on many areas like their strengths, weaknesses, goals, and opportunities. The students learned a lot through this workshop.

        “There is no greater agony than learning an untold story inside you”

        Scholars believe to, give equal opportunity to express untold stories which scholarites are storing in their minds. So, a Hindi & English Story Writing Activity was held on Dec 27, 2019 of class IV-V to enhance their vocabulary and creativity. The students were given story prompts, they used those prompts to make a fiction or non-fiction stories in Hindi and English both. It was great fun to do the activity as they participated with enthusiastically.

          To revise & rewind the happenings of the entire year- Year End Quiz was conducted for classes VIII & IX and it was conducted in five rounds using Power Point Presentation.  The questionnaire was based on different fields and happenings throughout the year. It was a club activity and students were divided into groups. Students were well prepared and answered promptly.

          The result of the competition is-

          1st Position-Leaders

          2nd Position-Victors

          3rd Position-Champions 

            Scholars continuously strives to work towards the overall fitness of children. Thus the school holds a variety of outdoor activities and competitions especially in sports. An inter-club Basketball competition was held on 20th Dec’19 in the Basket ball court. After several round of matches, the winner emerged. The students performed their level best and had the competitive spirit. These types of matches and competition  promote the sportsmanship spirit and the value of discipline among the students with the weather in place, it was a fun time at the venue where the students enjoyed their activity time.


              Christmas Craft Grade II
              Craft Grade II   

              ‘Christmas Craft ‘ activity was organized for grade-II Scholarities on 20th Dec’19 in their respective classrooms. As a part of the craft students made their favorite ‘Santa Claus’. They were provided with all the necessities for the craft like cutouts of the cap and body,cotton,googly eyes etc. The excitement seen in the students was overwhelming . Initially the craft seemed to be tough but the children carried it out well and enjoyed each step of learning it. The crafts were handed over to the students on the Christmas Eve’.

                Carols are an integral part of Christmas festivities. To bring in the joy and to spread happiness and spirit of Christmas, an Inter Club Carol Singing Competition was held on 20th Dec’19 in the school auditorium. The participants came up with such melodies voices and gave enthralling performance. The competitors sang a variety of Christmas songs to their level best. The participants and the songs were well appreciated by the judges. Their melodious treat was indeed a splendid way to ring in Christmas. The winning club of the competition was Achievers. 

                  Cyber Security Workshop was conducted by NIIT for the students of classes VIII & IX on Friday. The objective of the workshop was to make the students aware about what is cyber security, its importance, increasing cyber bullying cybercrime, cyber hacking. They were told about how to keep their documents safe and password protected. They were informed about outline threats, what should be downloaded which protections to be used while being outline & how to be safe and secured.

                    Making a Snowman

                    It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing in your area or not, children will still get to have a blast making snowman. Snowman is one of the children’s favorite winter icons. Those big smiles, bright carrot noses make them happy. So, keeping this is in mind an activity of making snowman was performed by class III students. Children had a wonderful time making one. They carried their snowman home to weave stories around it in their dreams

                      “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep”-Dr Kalam. Keeping this thought in mind students of classes VIII & IX performed a Friday Activity where they spoke about their dream job as in what they wish to pursue in future. Students were very clear in their goal and towards its achievements. Students shared their plan & strategy about the same. Students presented their Power Point Presentation and even ignited the power of will and determination among audience.

                        Science is all about exploration and discovering, so there’s no better way to get young and budding scientists of Scholarites excited about learning with hands on activities and science experiments. With this as an agenda, a Fun with Science Activity was conducted for classes VI-VII on 13th December’19 in the Friday Activity Period. The students showcased their working models in the stage area which can be used for learning various scientific concepts for children of their age group. The objective was not only to inculcate scientific attitude but also creating effective teaching aids. The students also spoke about their models, its utility and functioning. It was a wonderful and enlightening display of students efforts and it surely helped develop the qualities of critical thinking.

                          8 students were selected from each class (i.e 2 from each club). Competition was conducted in two rounds. In first round all students participated. In the second round the students were asked to make either winter scene or Christmas day scene. The finalist were selected on the basis of Aesthetics, Creativity, Tools used & Presentation

                          Winners of the Competition are-

                          First                                      Second                          Third

                          1 Divyanshi                          Naysa                                       Rupal

                          2 Gunjan                               Riya Dagar                  Nandini

                            We at scholars strongly believe that Each & Every religion should be given equal importance. To make the students learn about selfless love and giving, the students were shown movie on Christmas on Dec 15,2019. The movie not only showed importance of give and take but also provided information about birth of Jesus Christ. The movie was age appropriate and students really took interest in watching it. Students attempted worksheets related to movie, after watching it. Overall, it was a wonderful learning experience, to enrich the feeling of secularism among students. 

                              “Competition always pushes you to achieve more”

                              To engage and enlighten the use of educational software and to develop expressive skills the “Tux Paint” competition was organized for class III. Shortlisted students after prelim were participated in the final round. The students used the tools of Tux Paint to show their creativity, aesthetics and presentation. The participants were applauded and praised for their computer & creative skills by the judges

                                On 6th Dec’19, Scholars witnessed a wide range of outdoor activities as a part of Friday Activity. The girls of Class VI-VII had a Basketball match and the boys of class VI-VII had Tennis Match. These matches were conducted club-wise and the players/teams competed amongst themselves. The matches were intense and the audience enjoyed every bit of it. After the quarter-finals, semi-finals & finals, the winners emerged

                                The winning clubs were-

                                Basketball (Girls)                                           Tennis (Boys)

                                1st-Champions                                                1st- Champions

                                2nd – Leaders                                                   2nd- Leaders



                                  “Maintain a little bit of summers in the Middle of winters”. Keeping the above in view the above a workshop was organized on 6th December 2019 for our Scholarities on the topic “Healthy Winters”. The content selected for PPT was very selective as per the age group and more pics were included to create audio-visual impact on their minds. The workshop was very knowledgeable as apart from what we wear & eat, the children also learn how winters affect the animals and birds and plants around us. They added new words to their vocabulary “liberation & migration”. It was full of fun & frolic with lot of learning.

                                    ‘There is no one best ways to learn’ A workshop titled ‘know you’re learning style ‘was conducted for the students of grade 8 and 9 in the school today. Students were explained about various different learning styles and the learning strategies that can benefit their educational based on their personal learning style. The students were also given a questionnaire during the workshop, which helped them in identifying their individual learning styles. The workshop was concluded with an interactive question-answer session. Overall the workshop was very interactive and awakening.

                                      “We must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity.”

                                      Debates help to broaden one’s perspective and let us put ourselves in one another’s shoes and reflect upon our thoughts. The students of class IV and V had their debate competition on the topic “Can technology replace the teacher?” held on December 6, 2019. The competition allowed every student to speak in front of all the sections of class 4 and 5 which helped them to boost up their confidence. The participants were applauded and praised by the judges for their efforts. The students tried to persuade the audience with their strong opinions and evidences. Overall, it was a wonderful learning experience to improve their persuasion. And voice modulation.

                                        “With shorter days and colder weather, finding the motivation to stay healthy & fit can be difficult.” Keeping this thought in mind, Scholars Global School organized a workshop for class 3 on “Healthy winters” in which a ppt was shown to the pupils. Main motive of the workshop was to discuss some tips to keep our self-fit & healthy in winters. Different things were shown to the students like Lip balm, moisturizer, Vaseline etc. & their benefits were discussed which will benefit them for the rest of their life. The workshop was followed by a worksheet which students did in their classrooms. 

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                                          "Don’t handicap your children by making their lives easy.~ Robert Heinlein "