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Ms Logo Competition
Grade IV-V   

Students from Classes IV & V were given the opportunity to participate in the MS Logo Competition held on May 24,2019 from 1.00pm-2.00 pm in the computer lab. Students were briefed about following certain commands like forward, backward, pen up & down, right & left turtle etc. Students enthusiastically participated & made many wonderful logos. The judges Ms Sonam & Ms Mansha appreciated the creativity enhancing competition at the sc campus. Students work was judged on content, tools used,creativity & presentation.The results for the competition would be announced at a later date. 


    Solar System Mobile
    Grade IV-V   

    The Solar System is the gravitationally bound planetary system of the sun and the objects hot orbit the sun. Our earth is an integral part of the Milky Way Galaxy. To make the students understand the solar system better, an activity was conducted in the classrooms. The children used hangers, threads and plastic balls of different sizes. The students hung the balls in the order of their positions. They enjoyed the activity and came up  with wonderful models of the solar system.


      Telephonic  Etiquette is an important facet of communication, since we represent not first ourselves, but often our organization. To make students aware about the general etiquettes, the activity began with a PPT. Students enthusiastically participated and shared their personal experiences of the telephonic conversations they often have. The students were also shown a role play by the teachers and different situations where they shared how to talk and respond. The activity was put to an end by a worksheet that students attempted. They came up with interesting  answers and became well aware about the telephonic etiquette. 

        “Some birds are not meant to be caged that’s all”

        Today an activity on “To Know migratory bird” was conducted for the classes VI and VII at Theatre Hall. It was organized by MS Karuna. During this activity one video was shown to the students and many species of birds were also shown. Students were told why do birds migrate and information related to it was also given. It was a very fruitful workshop about the birds and their migration students enjoyed a lot.

          To promote the interest and desire among students to learn and appreciate the history, tourism and cultural heritage of our country, a Heritage Quiz was conducted for classes VIII & IX. Students were divided club wise and underwent four rounds of Quiz Questions. The questions were related to cultural heritage, monuments & dynasties. Students had prepared and presented well. The result of the competition is as follow

          1st Position- Champion Club

          2nd Position- Achievers Club

          3rd Position- Leaders Club

          4th Position- Victors Club 

            ‘Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words’

            Today a Kavita vachan Activity was conducted for classes VI and VII. This activity was organized by MS Beena and MS Madhuri. At Lecture hall. During the competition it was not easy to choose the best poetry as all students had chosen very good topic and performed astonishingly. The topics were “Patriotism” and ‘No Plastic Bags”.  Two students from each house participated and gave their best to please the judges with their profound speaking skills. Everyone enjoyed the competition and the winners are-

            1st Ritika (7th C)

            2nd Swasti (6th D)

            3rd Aditya (6th C)

            4TH Anshi (7th A)

              On Friday,May 10,2019, Nukkad Naatak competition was held on the grounds of Scholars Global Schools, Bahadurgarh. All the houses chose themes apt and relevant to the present day times. The hard work of teachers as well as the students was reflected in the performances. The participants seemed to enjoy their performances . Beats of dhapli, jingles,dupattas,loud  throats,aggression and humor stunned the audience. Each  naatak delivered an important information and message for everyone. The judges applauded all the participants and were truly impressed by innovative and sensitive presentations by the young children. Finally, Leaders and Champions were declared first followed by Achievers and Victors which stood second.

                To enhance the vocabulary among students and to improve their sentence framing ‘ Word Wonder’ activity was conducted for class VIII & IX where in students were given a worksheet based on different vocabulary check. It was a class room activity and students had to apply their already learnt knowledge.

                  The day that celebrates the essence of a mother is Mother’s day. One of those occasions that none of us can afford to miss. There could not be a more universal celebration than this one. Keeping this bonding emotion in mind, we at Scholars Global had a special celebration inside the classrooms which was unique to bring  a  smile on our beloved mother’s face. On Friday, May 10,2019, a special card making activity was organized for classes II-III.  Students had a splendid time making and painting the card. It was a pleasure watching dynamic and energetic children preparing something unique, something special. The outcome of their efforts was marvelous. Each card was special and different in its own way.

                    Dohas can be considered as means to impart life lessons. At scholars, we constantly endeavor to enable our children to discover and nurture their interests and talents,and provide a platform for self expression. In pursuit  of this endeavor, we had  Doha Gayan Pratiyogita for classes II-III on 3rd May 2019.  The participants put up a spectacular show. The judges Ms Rekha Rani (Hindi Head of Department) and Ms Gunita (Sankrit teacher) were indeed fascinated with the dexterity in which the students recited the Dohas and elaborated their meaning. This competition gave a chance to our students to get a closer look at the creations of great poets like Rahim, Kalidasa and Tulsidas.

                      A workshop on Mindfulness was conducted for classes VIII & IX by H.O.D sports. Students were taught to make balance between their mind and thoughts .Different ways of meditation were taught through slides presentation. Students performed various activities of concentrating on breath and maintaining stability of mind. They were also taught how to cope up with stress by doing meditation. Students experienced relaxed feeling after the sessions

                        There is a famous saying , “Sip a cool drink and you’ll be ready for the summer heat.” Keeping this in mind , an activity was conducted for classes IV and V on how to make summer cooler drinks and stay hydrated in the scorching heat of summer. The students were explained the recipes of two drinks- watermelon mojito and pepsi float. The teachers demonstrated the process and students were given the drinks to enjoy. The students were very enthusiastic and they had fun while observing the process.

                          To grow the seed of ambition in the mind of students. A workshop was organized by parth sir today. All students were full of elan. Initially a documentary was shown to the Students based on the real life success stories of M.S Dhoni, Ronaldo, and Saina Nehwal. After this students were made familiar with the significance of having ambition in life and how to chase it.

                          Later one more activity was also conducted to connect the students with their ambition. This workshop left an unfathomable impact on students mind.  

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                            "Don’t handicap your children by making their lives easy.~ Robert Heinlein "