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To enhance the expression, communication & acting skills of students in Hindi, Dumb- Charades of Hindi muhavara was conducted as Friday activity for classes VIII & IX. The activity was conducted in two rounds in which students had to guess the muhavara and complete the incomplete muhavara given by teacher. Students took part enthusiastically and learnt various expression styles.

    Summer cooler drink activity was organized for class 2nd and 3rd on 26th July, 2019. The purpose of conducting the activity was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop learner’s fine motor skills through pouring, meaning, blending, squeezing etc. The learners learned and enjoyed water melon lemonade making recipe and now they are aware about the different steps for making water melon lemonade, precautions they should take while cooking and ways to serve the food to guest

      Stories are the building blocks of imagination and creativity. A story writing workshop in Hindi was conducted on 26th July’19 by MS Madhuri for classes VI-VII in the lecture theatre. The students were informed about the plot construction in story and were given tips on how to enhance their creative writing skills. The teacher with the help of power point presentation showed some samples of fine stories written by students. These workshops serve as guide to students to write explicitly and perform better in their academics. After the workshop the students made their innovative stories independently in their respective classrooms.

        “Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark.” In order to explore the fire in their bellies, an inter-class skating competition was organized in the school grounds. The non-participants of class IV and V contributed as an audience and cheered for the participants. With the weather in place, it was a fun time at the venue, where the students enjoyed their activity time.  


          Quilling or paper filigree is an art from that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped and glued together to create decorative designs. It is the easiest way to create something new out of paper. The students were asked to use the paper strips to create an art. They came up with beautiful photo frames and hair bands. They had fun while performing the activity. Their creations were put up on the classroom board for display.

            Respect is something we show when we treat each other right. It is being careful and thoughtful with one another as it helps everyone feel welcome, comfortable and safe. Keeping this thought in mind, a workshop was organized for class 3 on Respecting Ours and Other’s Space. The students were explained and made to understand what is ‘Respect and how can they be respectful at various places like class-room, Hallways, Home and with  their peers. They were also taught about the benefits and importance of being respectful through discussions and videos. The workshop was followed by a worksheet where in students shared whom do they respect and how do they respect them. They also drew a picture of themselves and showed in words, actions and behavior. Overall it was a wonderful learning experience for all the students. 


              Sudoku Grade VI-VII
              Grade VI-VII   

              Just like physical exercise, our mind needs some exercise too. Playing and solving Sudoku puzzle actually exercises our brains extensively. Sudoku is number game in which players have to fill each of the blank boxes in a puzzle based on specific rules. On 19th July’19 a Sudoku activity was conducted for classes VI-VII in their respective classes. The students took keen interest in solving the puzzle and most of the students got the correct answer and were successful in solving the soduku. Sudoku activity helped the students by stimulating their minds increasing their concentration power and memory. 

                Scholars Global School held an informative ‘Hindi Sahitya Sabha’ for students of VIII –IX on 19th July’19 in school’s auditorium to develop love & passion for reading of literature. To enhance the cognitive skills of students, Mrs. Bhawna sharma transmitted important aspects of literature, its themes, its division  in kaalas e.g. Aadi  kaal, Bhakti kaal, Riti kaal and Aadhunik kaal through very enriching Power Point Presentation. The students representatives Rakshit, Yashdeep, Deep and Jiya also spoke about Bhakti kaal’s writers like Surdaas, Kabirdaas, Tulsidaas and Mira. They made audience about their writing skills and the essence of writings concluded with an exciting question-answer round where students enthusiastically responded & got enriched.

                  Learning idiomatic expressions is a very necessary and important part of language. To make our students become more fluent in English and communicate better, Idio-Melage activity was    conducted for the students of classes VIII & IX. Students were provided with many idioms and phrase a week before and quiz competition was conducted for the selected students. Students answered very well the five rounded Quiz competition. The result of the quiz as follow-

                  1st Position- Champions (Umang, Tejas, Tejasvi, Yashdeep)

                  2nd Position- Victors (Ansh, Nishant)

                  3rd Position- Leaders (Kunal. D, Tanmay, Vanshika, Krish) 

                    Posters are devices used to spread awareness for a particular cause. Poster making gives students a chance for experiencing hands on learning. The students of class VI-VII on 12th July had a poster making activity in their respective classes. The topics chosen were relevant and gave insights to the students about the conservation of resources. The students enjoyed creating bright colorful and informative posters.

                      Dohas can be considered as means to impart life lessons. At scholars, we constantly endeavor to enable our children to discover and nurture their interests and talents, and  provide a platform for self expression . In pursuit of this endeavor we had a Doha Gayan Pratiyogita for classes IV-V on 12th July 2019. The participants put up a spectacular show. The judges Ms Rekha Rani (Hindi Head of  Department) and Ms Reema were indeed fascinated with the dexterity in which the students recited the Dohas and elaborated their meaning. This competition gave a chance to our students to get a closer look at the creations of great poets like Rahim, Kabirdas and Tulsidas.  


                        With the aim of providing an opportunity for our children of class II-III to develop effective communication skill and to build their confidence a “Show and Tell” competition was organized in school’s Assembly Hall. The students learned and experienced public speaking a skill they will use throughout their life. The participants spoke on different topics like my favorite sport, how we change over time, my favorite story book, Initial letter, Overall experience for all the students.                    

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