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Paper Flower making activity Grade IV-V
Grade IV-V   ...News & Updates

“Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play.” To keep the creativity alive, a paper flower making activity was conducted for the students of class IV and V. They were provided with the raw materials (waste paper) and they made beautiful flowers. Being creative is an Art and students did justice to it. They enjoyed doing this activity. The flowers were displayed in their respective classes in a vase.


    Earth Day Craft Workshop Grade II-III
    Grade II-III   ...News & Updates

    “Caring the earth is mind blowing”. This is the thought we inculcate in our students. To make them understand the importance of our Mother Earth, the students were made to watch videos on Global Warning and a PPT on Earth Day. Post this; the students had an activity, where they made Green House using empty soda bottles. It was an interactive activity and the students enjoyed planting saplings. At the end of the activity, they were able to associate with the problems our earth faces and how important it is to care of the earth.


      Quilling Grade VI-VII
      Grade VI-VII   ...News & Updates

      On 19th April 2019.Quilling was organized as a Friday activity. We at Scholars Global School believe in developing artistic temperament in Students. Students were very happy and learned making flowers, greetings etc. By quilling students will develop a feeling of harmony and unity. They also develop creative art skills. 


        Earth Week Celebration Grade VIII-IX
        Grade VIII-IX   ...News & Updates

        To show the care for our mother Earth, we initiated with the celebration of Earth Week from 19th April. A workshop was conducted on composting by Ms Debika for the classes VIII & IX. The teacher briefed the students about composting, its benefits and also about the govt schemes, process, do’s and don’ts students were made to collect the dry leaves, water & microbes were added to the compost mesh. The parts of mesh were also explained to the students along with the further results. The workshop was highly informative for students & was conducted under great care of the teachers. 


          Fancy Dress Competition Grade II-III
          Grade II-III   ...News & Updates

          “Life is one Big Fancy Dress Party”

          A fancy dress competition was organized for classes II & III on 12th April 2019.

          The competition was held for the students to develop confidence by giving them an opportunity to get onto the stage. The children were dressed-up in their costumes and delivered wonderful sentences presentations prepared by them. The participants were judged on the parameters of there introductions content confidence and overall presentation.


            School Discipline Workshop Grade VIII-IX
            Grade VIII-IX   ...News & Updates

            Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment

            Discipline is important to create a safe & fun loving environment. To remind the students about school rules, Workshop was conducted by Ms. Punam for students of Class VIII & IX. The aim of the workshop was to teach students self-discipline, rules & regulation & code of conduct.A PPT on code of good conduct was shared with the students and few behavior were highlighted like-

            -Behaving in polite manner inside and outside the school

            -Not to use indecent language

            -Proper uniform is the must.

            -Bus rules should be followed

            -Unfair means should not be used in exam

            Students vowed that they will follow the school rules and etiquettes inside & outside of school. 


              Classroom Discipline Rules Grade-VI-VII
              Grade VI-VII   ...News & Updates

              To develop the virtue among students. A workshop on classroom Discipline was conducted for students of classes 6th and 7th on 12th April 2019. The main aim of the workshop was to inculcate values, ethics and a sense of responsibility. The workshop took part at lecture theatre  by Ms Anjana Lakra. The students were full of energy and were engaged enthusiastically in interaction. The session was made interesting by the use of power-point presentation & Questions and Answers round. In short students learned to stay in disciplined in a play-way method.


                “The Earth does not belong to us we belong  to the Earth.”

                To create awareness among the students, a poster making activity was conducted on 12th April 2019, for classes IV-V. The students created colorful posters and came up with beautiful captions to save environment through this activity, the students were able to understand the problems our planet faces and the possible solutions they can adopt to save our environment.



                  School Rules and Etiquettes Grade II-V
                  Grade II-V   ...News & Updates

                  “Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it. Right is right even if no one is doing it.” Rules are made to be followed , to maintain a decorum and decency in an institution. A workshop on ‘ School Rules and Etiquettes’ was organized for classes II-V and students were made to understand the importance of rules and how essential they are for an individual’s growth. The workshop was followed by an activity and a worksheet on the same. The students enjoyed the session and they were enlightened by the way one should behave in school premises in order to make the school premises safe aware about for learning.


                    Club Meeting Grade VI-IX
                    Grade VI-IX   ...News & Updates

                    The first club meet took place on 5th April, 2019. The main objective of the club meet was to share the vision & mission of the club students were introduced to club teachers. They were briefed with whole year’s Friday activities (Activity, Workshops & Competitions). They were also explained about how different activities would be conducted. Students were motivated to participate in as many activities as they can. Students gave their names for participation in various activities. 

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