Vision & Mission


Roaring rivers carve their routes through invincible rocks. Life is a journey where children learn young to tread through its paths and live their dreams. Education is institutionalized to enable a conducive environment  where knowledge unfolds, is imbibed and put into effective use. We at SGS make concerted efforts to create a teaching learning ambience. SGS envisions to provide an educational framework that is academically rigorous and responsive to the demands of digital age. SGS is committed to realize this through a wide range of opportunities and challenges, free of gender bias in which development  of analytical and logical skills go hand in hand with the freedom to explore and innovate. We want to groom our students to be academically rich, physically fit, good humans, imbibed with right values and patriotism infused in them. We nurture Scholarites to be key contributors in building of civic society with high moral values.


To inspire and empower children to think for themselves, excel in their endeavours and develop positive attitudes to learning. To teach them to respect self and others; and hope, dream, appreciate, create, innovate, integrate, and contribute to the betterment of the society.

Logo with Rationale

Knowledge is passed on from one generation to the next. There is a continuity of analyzing and exploring. It is like solving a puzzle or finding our way through a maze. Experience (teacher) leads us to the right path.

Enlightening : Knowledge enlightens. Opens up our minds, broadens our perspective and widens our vision.

Empowering : With knowledge comes the power to analyse, the power to understand, decide and make a positive contribution.

Enterprising : The dynamics of life are very intricate and complex. Knowledge gives one the wisdom to be enterprising to understand the nuances and choose the right path. This enterprise is called schooling.

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"The man who tries to prove his belief superior to the faith of another, does not know the meaning of religion. ~ Inayat Khan "