Management Team


Pradeep Dahiya

Scholars Global School is the result of the hard work and vision of Mr. Pradeep Dahiya, who have been successful entrepreneur in the past. He strongly felt the requirement of an institution in Bahadurgarh, which offers the best environment for students to flourish, both academically and otherwise. His endeavour to establish a school in Bahadurgarh, with world class facilities being offered, which offers the students the right environment where students can flourish to the best of their abilities has sown the seeds for Scholar Global School.




Pooja Dahiya

Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they have been born in another time,' goes a Hebrew saying. In a globalised world, where boundaries are fast blurring, how do we give our children education that is relevant, responsive and responsible? With this thought, we started off as a genuine quest to give young minds an education that goes beyond the confines of classroom walls and prepares them to find their place in a fast changing world. We searched and researched, found out what the education process in the country was and how it should be. After much deliberation, study of the humane pedagogical process and examining the various educational institutes in the country, we affirmed that it was time for a transformation in education, for a new wave in education. And thus was born Scholars Global School, Bahadurgarh

Why Scholars Global School? Because cutting-edge education is the need of the hour. A symbol of new generation schooling, Scholars Global School is not just about imparting knowledge but also about training young minds to process this knowledge for the betterment of their own self, their environment and the community they are a part of. Scholars Global school preserves the best in traditional education and culture while giving children a winning exposure that fires ambitions and abilities in a pluralistic world.

The other aspect that is ingrained in the very fabric of education at Scholars Global School is strong human values. We believe education forges an understanding of a rare kind – understanding across cultures and languages, across social chasms, and across time and space. This should help children grow to be compassionate, sensitive, socially responsible beings. After all, these are the traits that make the world livable.

Lastly but most importantly, at Scholars Global School we seek to empower children with lifelong learning and help them evolve as global citizens and aim to provide them an education that prepares them not only for a living but for life... like it says in the Ulysses, to strive, to seek, to find, not to yield.




The team from ManagED consists of individuals with immense experience in the field of education, who in the past have worked with corporate and individuals in the setting up and management of K12 schools on a day to day basis. A ManagED school stands for delivery of quality education, with world class facilities being provided within the boundaries of the school, which allows each and every student to prosper. With the best of practices, systems and processes in place, every ManagED school ensures that the students are given the freedom to explore their abilities, so that, by the time they graduate from our school, they exit as well rounded individuals and responsible citizens.

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