Children in middle school undergo a vital transition to a more structured space. We believe even a structured curriculum can be transformed from within to make lifelong learning a real outcome. At Scholars Global School, middle school students learn in a highly integrated way. This teaches them that there are real connections between the academic domains they encounter. Learning is experiential and inter-disciplinary, compelling action, reflection, and empathy among children. This is their light bulb moment when they start to comprehend that school lessons and the outside world are intertwined.

Middle school is the base for senior school, so each student is monitored on an individual basis to strengthen the fundamental basics of Language, Science, and Mathematics. Remedial classes and enrichment sessions raise the bar of learning at the individual level.

Life skills and arts-integrated interdisciplinary projects lead to the multidimensional upbringing of the students. There is a continued focus on interdisciplinary and experiential learning. At the same time, their passions and aptitudes are enhanced:

"It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be entirely uneducated. ~ Alec Bourne "