"SOS — an epitome of constant movement and flexibility." It gives me immense pleasure to address you all in the sixth year of SGS. I am lucky to belong to a school that has been committed to provide a congenial, competitive encouraging and compatible atmosphere. The school's rich educational practices and traditions give us a strong standing. Yet, the past must flow into the present, seamlessly and smoothly. Something new must be added ever and anon to the pool of ideas that the school has given us. We have indeed ridden the tide of changes, that the new millennium demanded, by ever-changing and yet remaining true to SGS persona. As everyone is abreast that the present age is undergoing a metamorphosis in values and in mindsets. Gone are the days of stereotyped nations and values. The child of today is busy exploring and would rather experience than follow blindly. We are proud of giving courage to scholarites to live up to the ideals being taught to them. A school that had a very humble and small beginning with only 70 students has grown into a world-class school imprinting its indelible presence on Education scenario of Bahadurgarh. Motivation, value-idealization, attitudinal change, patience and modesty are the arms and ammunition to defend materialism, violence, dishonesty and idleness and we are sure to be at the helm of the affairs to attain a rare combination of professional growth in a harmonious environment. Along with my Directors, Board Members, Teaching and Non-teaching staff, I owe a big thanks to all those who have entrusted us with a great job of citizen building for tomorrow. Success is pouring in as we follow our mission statement of the quality education and holistic development of every student. Its your school and you are expected to imbibe the school ethos. May the flag of our school fly high!

Mrs. Poonam Saxena

"It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be entirely uneducated. ~ Alec Bourne "