Mr Pradeep Dahiya is the Founder Director of Scholars Global School. Coming from a family where social upliftment is an important part of life. The ideology of being useful for society is ingrained in his DNA and thought process. These core values and exposure to the world has given him the vision to blend rightfully a school with Indian roots and Global values. His focus on Digitalisation and Automation of processes has led to the rise of Scholars as a school of the twenty-first century. His passion for improvising the diverse facets of school education i.e policymaking, academic leadership, operations, and self viable projects; has helped him gain important perspectives on the key drivers of the education sector in India.

A Commerce graduate from Delhi University, Mr Dahiya started his entrepreneurial journey in 2001 in the Automobiles sector. During his journey with entrepreneurship he discovered that the access to quality education is the most potent tool of transformation and therefore, in 2008, he with the blessings of his elders played a vital role in the establishment of Ram Narain Dahiya Educational Trust.

In 2010, the foundation stone of Scholars Global School was laid and Mr Dahiya led the construction process, working on the minute details with the sole aim of providing a premier experiential learning school for the community of Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar and Delhi.

Today, Scholars Global School is known to push the benchmarks in education to impart critical life lessons and make students future-ready for a complex global environment.

Ms Pooja Dahiya is a Bachelor in Science from Delhi University, She did her Bachelor’s in Education & Masters in Biotechnology from the Kurukshetra University. She earned her Master’s in Education from Panjab University.

Having studied and practised the nuances of Education, she is a firm believer of the viewpoint that the singular purpose of education is to nurture better human beings of children through right teachings. She has always placed honesty, integrity, and empathy at the pinnacle of values to be imbibed, in order to bring about a progressive change in the world.

She is a passionate educator herself and has a deep understanding of children's educational needs, therefore she is instrumental in introducing programs which lead to nourishing value-based traits in students and Staff. She believes in open and honest communication with her colleagues and facing challenges head-on.

Her openness and easily accessible approach to students, staff and parents have led to the intertwining of different facets of school as an organisation.

"It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be entirely uneducated. ~ Alec Bourne "