About Scholars Global School

1. What is the vision that guides Scholars Global School?

Quality is the keyword that defines every aspect at Scholars Global School. Through our well-qualified teachers, expansive infrastructure, innovative teaching methodologies, use of latest technologies and a well-rounded curriculum, we strive to offer the best of education to the children of the area.

2. Is Scholars Global School recognized by the Haryana State Education Department?

Yes, Scholars Global School is duly recognized by the Haryana State Education Department.

3. Has the school taken a No-objection Certificate (NOC) from the state government for affiliation purposes?

Yes, Scholars Global School been given a No-objection Certificate NOC from the state government

4. What Board will Scholars Global School be affiliated to and when?

Scholars Global School will be affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The process for obtaining affiliation has already been initiated by the School and it will be completed by the time higher classes are offered by the School.

5. Who owns the school?

The school is managed by Ram Narain Dahiya Educational Trust. The entire operations and funds of the school are operated by the Trust. The main trustees with position of responsibility are:

  • Mr. Bhim Singh Dahiya as the Chairman, and
  • Mr. Raghubir Singh Dahiya as the Vice-Chairman.

6. Is yur school a co-education school?

Yes, Scholars Global School is a co-educational school.

7. What is the curriculum followed at Scholars Global School?

At Scholars Global School, we follow the XSEED curriculum, which has been developed by India’s leading school curriculum developer iDiscoveri. This curriculum has been implemented in more than 700 leading schools across India, with some of the top schools like The Doon School and Heritage School

8. What is the total area of the school campus?

The total area is about 7 acres.

9. What is the built up area of the school?

The current built up area of Scholars Global School is approximately 80,000 sq ft. After the next phase of expansion over the coming years, the total built up area of the school will be approximately 1,30,000 sq. ft.

10. When was Scholars Global School established?

The school started its academic operations in April 2011.

About Admissions

1. From where can I get the school prospectus for Scholars Global School?

You can purchase the school prospectus from the front office at our school campus. The school is located at 7 kms Stone at Bahadurgarh - Jhajjar Road.

2. Can I apply for my child’s admission online?

You can express interest for admission at our school online at our website www.scholarsglobalschool.com. However, you will need to purchase the prospectus from our school campus.

3. Who should I contact for admission at the school?

Our admissions in-charge is responsible for handling all parent/guardian queries with regards to the admission of students at our school. Please find below the contact details:
Name: Ms. Mamta
Number: 081999 00100/200
Email: contact@scholarsglobalschool.com

Please feel free to contact her for any admissions related query.

4. What classes are being offered currently? Next year, what happens to the highest class?

For the academic year 2012-13, classes from Nursery till Class VII are being offered. For the year 2013-14,classes from Nursery till Class VIII will be offered. Likewise, for the subsequent years, every year 1 class will be added. This is being done to maintain the academic standards of the school.

5. How many new admissions will happen each year?

We strictly maintain manageable class strength at Scholars Global School. Admissions are given to students as long as there is availability of seats for each of the classes.

6. By when will Scholars Global School start offering Class 12?

Because of our focus on ensuring the quality of education, we have planned to add only 1 class every year. Currently, we are offering classes from Nursery till Class VII. During the next academic year, we will start offering classes till Class VIII. Class XII will be offered in our school by 2017.

7. What is the class strength at Scholars Global School ?

The maximum class strength is limited to thirty five. For the academic year 2013-14, it will be more favourable.

8. How many sections are there for each class at Scholars Global School?

We plan to have a total of 4 sections for each of the classes. For the academic year 2013-14, we will have one section each per class. The number of sections will also depend on the number of admissions that happen during the year. If the number of new admissions for a particular class is more than 35, we will start a new section for that particular class.

9. What are the documents required for getting admission?

The following are the documents to be submitted:

At the time of application:

  • Completed application form
  • Progress report of the last class attended (For Class II and above)
  • Previous school record form
  • Two passport size photographs of the student
  • Two passport size photographs of the parent/ guardian
  • Proof of residence

Upon receiving the provisional letter of admission:

  • Copy of the birth certificate
  • Transfer certificate from the previous school, if applicable
  • Medical history information


10. Are scholarships being offered to any of the students by Scholars Global School?

Scholars Global School strongly values merit. In our endeavour to ensure that the meritorious students are rewarded adequately, we plan to conduct competitions in the fields of academics, arts and crafts, extra-curricular activities and sports; where we will select meritorious candidates and offer scholarships for their education at Scholars Global School.

11. Does Scholars Global School have mid-term admissions?

Yes. However, it depends on the availability of seats.

12. Are day boarding facilities available at Scholars Global School?


13. Does Scholars Global School accept any donation?

No. We follow a strict “no-donation” policy.

14. Are students from boards other than CBSE granted admission at Scholars Global School?

At Scholars Global School, we welcome students from all regions and Boards across India. We strictly follow CBSE guidelines while granting admissions to children.

15. How do I get the uniform, books and stationery for my child?

The uniform, books, stationery and student kit are made available before the start of new academic session. They are available at the school campus.

About Academic Calendar

1. What is the academic calendar of the school?

Shcolars Global School starts the session in April every year and ends the session in the subsequent year. There are summer and winter breaks in between. The detailed academic calendar is shared with all the parents/guardians at the time of admission and beginning of every academic year.

2. What are the school timings at Scholars Global School?

School timings: From 0800 AM to 0200 PM
There are a total of 8 sessions, each session of 40 minutes duration.

3. Is it a five day or a six day week for the students at Scholars Global School?

Scholars Global School follows a six-day week, with the second Saturday of every month being a holiday.

About Transport Facilities

1. Does Scholars Global School provide transportation facility?

Adequate transport facilities are provided by Scholars Global School to ensure that every child is conveniently able to travel between his/ her area of residence and the School.

2. What are the areas that are being covered under the current transport plan?

The transport calendar is prepared once the admissions are closed and is shared with all the parents/guardians at the beginning of the session. Depending on the number of children from various surrounding areas, buses are allocated to the respective locations.

About Academics

1. How many books are the children supposed to carry every day?

We have implemented the XSEED curriculum at our school and we follow the textbooks that are being recommended by the XSEED team. While the number of books that a child will have to carry is minimal, they will vary depending upon the class and the time-table.

2. Out of school, our child interacts with people who don’t even know English. Will my child learn to communicate in English effectively?

Scholars Global School understands the importance of building strong English communication skills. To ensure that, in addition to the regular English classes that will be conducted as part of the curriculum, we have implemented special classes to ensure development of English speaking, writing and reading skills. For this purpose, we have tied up with English Edge, India’s leading English language laboratory.

3. How will you ensure that my child does not become academically weak?

The XSEED curriculum, Smartclass and the well-qualified teachers at Scholars Global School, together ensure that learning is fun for each and every child. We do not follow the typical method of using just a blackboard and chalk. Instead, at Scholars Global School, each child is given the opportunity to explore, experience and learn through both theory and practice.

4. How many computers are there in the lab? Will my child get an individual computer during the computer classes?

We have provision for 40 computers in our computer lab. We focus on developing computer skills amongst the children, and have separate sessions dedicated towards the same. We have sufficient computers for each student to operate independently on a single computer.

5. Our child underwent his previous education in a State Board/ local village school. Will he be able to adjust to a new environment?

Our teachers are highly qualified and capable of making each student enjoy the learning that happens within and outside the classroom. Each student is given adequate amount of attention to ensure that no student is left behind.

6. How are parents / guardians informed about the progress of their children?

We have regular parent teachers meetings, which are conducted once in a month (typically, on fourth Saturday). In addition, teachers regularly communicate to the parents/guardians through the students' diary.

7. Is there an in-house counsellor?

Yes. We have assigned one teacher each for the nursery level, junior primary level and senior primary level. This teacher acts as the counsellor and is in constant touch with the teachers and the students of the respective classes.

8. What are the focus areas of the school?

Our prime focus is to offer a well-rounded curriculum, in terms of academics, sports and other co-curricular areas.
For curriculum, we are offering the XSEED curriculum, which is being implemented in about 700 schools across India. It is also being implemented in some of the best schools in India, like The Doon School, Bombay Scottish, and Heritage School etc.

We are in the process of creating top facilities for sports and games that would match the standard of any well-reputed school. The construction of the same will be finished prior to the beginning of the next academic year. We hire only qualified coaches for games and sports. At Scholars Global School, we take our sports and games sessions very seriously, with the coach continuously working along with the students in developing skills and abilities.

We also understand the importance of developing English communication skills from a very young age. For the same, we have partnered with English Edge, India’s leading English language lab provider, where we offer special English language development classes for each and every student.

At Scholars Global School, activities and events will be continuously conducted, as these are the ways through which students are able to develop their personality and become successful individuals in all aspects of their life.

9. Do you have any remedial classes for students who are not academically strong?

Yes. Each student will be monitored closely by each of our teachers. Individual attention and remedial classes are offered to the students who we feel are not being able to perform as per their potential.

10. What is the school assessment pattern?

As part of the XSEED curriculum, we use a tool by the name of Learn-O-Meter, which helps measure the performance of each student along a set of variables. This tool helps parents/guardians track their child’s performance in the classroom. Using the Learn-O-Meter, the progress of the child is continuously monitored and it is ensured that learning happens at the right pace.

11. What is the class strength at Scholars Global School?

We understand the importance of having the right number of students in a class to ensure that each child gets adequate attention from the teacher, and at the same time, each child interacts with sufficient number of children which would build good personality skills. We have maximum teacher-student ratio of only 1:30, where all the classrooms are spacious, well-lit and well-furnished.

Sports and Extra-Curricular activities

1. What are the extra-curricular activities at Scholars Global School?

Extra-curricular activities form a vital part of every child’s learning process at Scholars Global School. For the next academic year, the following activities are planned:

  • Music (guitar, tabla, harmonium, drums) and dance studio
  • Art studio (drawing, sketching, sculpture and painting)
  • Clubs and societies (quiz, science, computer, robotics, nature, social activities, NCC, dramatics, sculpture, movies)
  • Inter house and inter school competitions for dramatics, music, dance, elocution, debating, quizzing, spelling bee, essay/ story writing, painting and sports
  • Excursions and trips
  • Martial arts and yoga training


2. Are there any sports coaching facilities available at Scholars Global School?

Yes. We have hired qualified coaches, who mentor and develop the students in various games/ sports based on expressed interest.

3. What are the indoor and outdoor sports/ games facilities at Scholars Global School?

By the beginning of the next academic session, facilities for the following games and sports are planned to be offered:

Indoor games and sports: Table tennis, Caroms, Chess, Skating

Outdoor games and sports: Badminton, Volleyball, Tennis (both clay and synthetic), Basketball (synthetic), Cricket, Football and Horse-riding

In addition, there will also be a toddler’s pool for the children belonging to lower primary classes.

During the next phase of expansion, we have planned for a swimming pool and a squash court.

4. Are any trips, tours being organized at Scholars Global School?

Yes. Regular tours and trips are organized for the children across all classes to ensure that active learning happens continuously. For example, during the last academic year, our children were taken for a tour of the Delhi Metro and Azad Hind Gram.


1. What kind of medical facilities are being provided at Scholars Global School?

We have a medical clinic at our school, which is functional during the entire duration of the school hours. A well-qualified nurse is constantly available at the medical clinic. For dealing with any medical emergency quickly, we have forged a tie-up with Jeevan Jyothi hospital, which is located at a distance of 7 kms from the school.

2. When will the various sports facilities and other buildings be constructed at Scholars Global School?

The construction of various buildings and facilities are being done in a phased manner. The same will be completed over a period of two years.

3. Are meals provided at Scholars Global School?

No. Parents are encouraged to send snacks/ meals along with their children, if they feel there is a requirement for the same. The teachers along with the 'aayas' assist the child in eating, wherever required.

4. How many classrooms are going to be there at Scholars Global School in the next session?

Be the beginning of the next academic, Scholars Global School plans to have a total of 50 classrooms. In addition, there are separate activity rooms.

5. Are internet facilities being provided at Scholars Global School?

Yes, we have 24 hours high-speed broadband internet connectivity at Scholars Global School.

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