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Language and Literature Quiz was designed to test the literary knowledge of the students. The quiz was conducted on 29th Dec’19 for the classes of VI & VII in the Lecture Theatre. The quiz had four competing clubs with four participants each. The teams were put through their paces, with probing questions testing both their knowledge of set books and overall general literary knowledge. They were asked questions on everything ranging from Language Arts  to Shakespeare. The winners of the competition were-

1st- Achievers

2nd- Leaders

3rd- Champions

    As a part of the Friday Activity ‘Tongue Twister Competition’ was organized for the young Scholar ties of grade II on 29th Nov’19 in zero and first period. Competition was conducted in two phases. For the first round (20.11.19) the students learnt the tongue twister of their choice and were selected on the basis of clarity, confidence, speed & repetition. Two students from each club of each class was selected for the final round. For the final round PPT was made which was divided into 3 rounds (Reading one liner, 3-5 liner and making a tongue twister of their own). The main aim of this activity is to improve pronunciation, rhythm and stress, to take away the fear of making mistakes while speaking and to experience fun while learning. The winners of the competition are as follows-

    1st Position- Achievers

    2nd Position- Victors

    3rd Position- Champions

                 To inculcate the creative writing in students this Friday activity was planned with designing a comic strip for which the topics were already allotted to the students. They had to design the stripes based on the selected topic in form of the comics. Students actively participated in this activity and showcased their reading, writing and creative skills. Best posters of activity were selected and displayed in the class-rooms. They created what they sometimes like to read.

        Tongue Twisters have been known for enhancing speaking abilities around the world for centuries. As entertaining as tripping over tricky terms can be, English twisters are used to teach pupils proper speech with an aim, to have fun while improving the concentration, pronunciation and articulation of difficult sounds, Scholars Global School organized a Tongue-Twisters Competition for grade 3. The shortlisted students actively took part in reciting Tongue- Twisters ranging from easy to a challenging level (Reciting one liner to framing Tongue Twisters). The competition saw a lot of laughter and frolic and provided a great way to practice and improve pronunciation, fluency and concentration.

          On last Friday, the 22nd November, a lawn tennis activity was held in the tennis court at school grounds in zero & first period for grade-II. The students were tested upon their skills of dribbling the tennis ball with the racquet and also balancing the ball on the racquets by walking to and fro the court with the same in hands. The children loved and enjoyed the activity with the coach and demanded more time. The activity was successfully carried out with the help of the coach & co-teachers.

            Playing a game of tennis tests the players in various ways. Beyond the physical, it can be helpful to train the mind to respond quickly and decisively. Keeping this thought in mind, Scholars Global School organized a Tennis activity for the Scholarities of Grade 3 as a part of ‘Friday Activity’. The students aimed the target enthusiastically and participated energetically. With the weather in place, it was a fun time at the venue, where the students enjoyed their activity time.  

              To teach the art of Poem Writing to our students, Poem Writing workshop was conducted for classes VIII & IX. Students were told about various writing style,expressions,sounds,emotions for writing poem. Students were also given simple tips on how to become creative and spontaneous in the skill of poetry writing. Students were also shown the PPT on few famous poets and their motivation on writing poems. Students also wrote few free verse & Rhyming poems & showed their creativity.

                Roller skating competition was organized as a part of Friday Activity for our enthusiastic scholarities of grade II. The Preliminary round was taken in the third week of October. 8 students from each section were selected for the final round which was held on 1.11.19. The competition was judged by Mr Kailash and 3 boys & 3 girls were selected as finalist of the competition. Judgement was based on Balana Hand movement, step over, speed. All the participants participated enthusiastically. 

                Winners are-

                Boys                                                            Girls

                Bhagya                                                       Joya

                 Manavya                                                  Poorvi Sharma

                 Kunal                                                        Riya Sharma

                  An inter-club Poetry Recitation Competition was held on 1st Nov’19 for the students of classes VI-VII. Beauty is the realm of poetry, children enjoy this beauty of expressions, rhythm and music of words with this in mind, a poetry recitation was conducted at SGS. The theme of the recitation was optimism and theorism. The participation recited the poems with great zeal and enthusiasm. Students were judged on parameters like Introduction, Memory, Diction and Difficulty level. The judges appreciated and applauded the performance of the participants-

                  The winners of the competition were-

                   1st – Akshita (Achievers )

                  2nd – Jigyasa (Achievers)

                  3rd- Garvit (Victors)                          

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