The school has a vast playfield for various games and sports like football, cricket, hockey, and basketball; activities that are based on co-ordination, teamwork and strategy.

Playgrounds for sports like Lawn Tennis, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Horse Riding, and Cricket etc. Multipurpose indoor sports block for Table-Tennis, Billiards, Fitness Centre and Tai-Kwando. Especially designed toddler and indoor swimming pool planned.

By the beginning of the next academic session, facilities for the following games and sports are planned to be offered:

Indoor games and sports: Table tennis, Caroms, Chess, Skating

Outdoor games and sports: Badminton, Volleyball, Tennis (both clay and synthetic), Basketball (synthetic), Cricket, Football and Horse-riding. In addition, there will also be a toddler’s pool for the children belonging to lower primary classes.

 During the next phase of expansion, we have planned for a swimming pool and a squash court.

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