School Infrastructure

Scholars Global School (SGS) is located in idyllic settings at a pleasant ten-minute drive from the city on the Jhajjar road. The campus is spread over 7 acres of land with beautiful landscaping and well-developed eco-friendly plantations.

The campus is scientifically planned, artistically designed and precisely constructed to groom the future global citizens.


Science, Maths, EVS, Computer and Language Labs.

Practical classes in all the branches of science namely Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Maths are conducted in specifically designed laboratories under the watchful eyes of their teachers.

Teaching in e-classrooms in association with EDUCOMP. Every child is closely observed under the ‘Elite toddlers’ project

The computer lab at Scholars Global School is equipped with 36 computers. With a maximum class strength of 30, we can boast of a computer student ratio of greater than 1:1. Each student would be given a single computer to explore the world of computers and technology.

From books which support class room learning to books for fun reading and informative purposes, from colourful picture books to famous work of fiction, our library at present has more than 3000 books. Our library consists of books from well renowned publishers and authors.

We at Scholars Global School firmly believe that extracurricular activities should be an essential part of the entire schooling system. Such activities help children explore their talents and capabilities, which if discovered at an early age could lay the foundation for a highly fruitful and successful life. At SGS pre-primary children are taught in a playway method in bright colorful surroundings.


The school has a multipurpose auditorium with ample seating and an aesthetically designed open-air amphitheater is being planned to host major events, festivals and seminars.

The school also has Audio-Visual Room, MP Hall.

SGS has a beautiful and hygienic cafeteria that serves nutritious food to students during school hours. Any junk foods like chips, cold drinks, burgers etc. are not served in the cafeteria to promote healthy eating among students.

SGS has a dedicated music room that houses various kinds of musical instruments and regular classes are held for all the students to create interest for music in them

S.G.S.  believes that its students should be ready for the challenges of 21st century and have scientific tempo instilled in them. Robotics is a branch of technology which deals with the design, construction, operation, development and application of Robots. Young Scholarites enjoy to make their own robots with different tools and techniques in Robotics Lab. This nurtures their inquisitive minds and develop them into initial thinkers with reasoning and analytical skills. 
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