The entire students are divided into 4 clubs namely- Leaders, Achievers, Champions and Victors. All students at the time of admission are allotted a club and that club remains as a part of their student life at Scholars. The Clubs provide positive and collaborative competition and result in healthy competitive spirit amongst the students and teachers. The Club works as a team and senior students hold various positions as Club Captain, cultural captain, sports captain, literary captains and prefects. These student council members manage the discipline of the school, host several events, lead the parade on sports day and help the teachers in selection of students for various competitions. Various teams from the 4 Club compete in a number of contests and competitions covering sports, academics and cultural aspects. The inter-clubs activities and competitions also prepare our students to perform well in inter-school activities and competitions.

Every year a tally of marks is created to select the best performing club of the year and a trophy is awarded on Annual Day.

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