Principal's Message

In the times, when the world has become a global village,communication is at the click of a button and competition has been replaced by collaboration. In these changing times, education is not just a means to gain knowledge to earn a livelihood but it is to enlighten oneself about how to live life. The responsibility of a school is to prepare a child to take on the challenges of the ever changing world by ethical means and enriched soul.

At Scholars Global School, we emphasise on an integrated blend of all spheres of education to create well-rounded global citizens of tomorrow .In essence, instilling leadership qualities, building self esteem; confidence, and oratory and inter personal skills. Keeping in tune with school’s motto we believe in the awakening of the true inner selves of our learners enabling them to emerge victorious in every walk of life.

Our vision is to keep expanding our horizons to provide conducive environment to our learners to equip and empower them to combat the challenges of life .Technology is utilised at all grades as we prepare our students to live and work in global society.

Our curriculum is child centric, with individual learning plans to cater to all types of intelligence.  We plan to enrich our academic offerings with opportunities for students to participate in numerous athletic and extracurricular activities and various aspects of the arts. With the focussed, collaborative and committed staff an empowering attitude pervades the system which creates a culture of continuous improvement focussed on student achievement.

We hope that with the good wishes ,co-operation and blessings of the parents fraternity ,the school will forge ahead as an institution synonymous with quality education and it will be an awe-inspiring landmark as a temple of learning in the vicinity of Bahadurgarh in the years to come. Yesssss we have arrived.......

Poonam Saxena


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"The man who tries to prove his belief superior to the faith of another, does not know the meaning of religion. ~ Inayat Khan "